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Glasgow Residential Building

The project contractor City Building (Glasgow) LLP appointed Allgood for both the doors and ironmongery.

Ensuring one point of contact for the complete ironmongery and door package enabled any queries to be answered swiftly and the delivery of doorsets and ironmongery to be successfully co-ordinated and delivered on time. Furthermore, by co-ordinating purchases, door compatibility for the desired ironmongery was achieved.  

Providing the doorsets for various applications including studio flat entrances, ensuites, corridor doors and office doors, more than 100 oak veneered internal doorsets were supplied.

For each application, doors of specific sizes and properties were provided, such as a fire resistant office door offering 30 minutes of fire resistance, stair lobby door providing up to 60 minutes of fire resistance as well as corridor doors with vision panel features.

Incorporated within the doorsets was Allgood Alite ironmongery. A robust range, Alite was developed with local government projects in mind to provide a durable commercial product at a cost effective price. As such, Alite lever handles, WC signs, fire door signs along with door signage and spyholes were installed throughout the communal residence.  

By utilising both Allgood ironmongery and doorsets, not only was the procurement and delivery process streamlined but installation time onsite was also reduced, as all of the doorsets were supplied hung in their frames. In addition, all morticing for both doors and ironmongery was completed in the factory, prior to delivery, to further reduce fitting time and limit any onsite disruption.

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