Exposed lipping  

Example showing larger door width and exposed lipping

White concealed door with lipping



Door sizes and lippings

Allgood Doors can provide any door size that is required but generally work to the following standard sizes:

Door leaf - Structural opening

626 x 2040mm - 702 x 2100mm
726 x 2040mm - 802 x 2100mm
826 x 2040mm - 902 x 2100mm
926 x 2040mm - 1002 x 2100mm
1026 x 2040mm - 1102 x 2100mm

A variety of door thicknesses can be provided with the standard sizes being 35mm, 44mm or 54mm.

The two standard types of door lippings that can be supplied on doors are 'Exposed' and 'Concealed. However any type of lippings required for a specific job can be made to your design.