Guard tour patrol management and monitoring



Fire evacuation mobile muster station



CCTV / digital recorder integration



Visitor registration


Alarm_sounder_       IA1

Intruder Alarm integration



Graphical Mapping



Lone worker monitoring facility


Lever_handle_set_with_ecylinder_v2    Access_Control

Access control (wired and standalone battery operated)



 Asset Protection




Integrated security solutions

It is time to change your thinking about electronic access control. The Fuse access control system will redefine many of the traditional concepts and expectations set by the vast majority of one size fits all systems.

Using the advanced features of the Fuse software and our growing range of distributed intelligence door controllers (which includes the latest hybrid Fuse Controller), you can unleash the combined benefits offered by a fully featured traditional hard wired card reader and lock control solution. As well as the flexibility and agility of secure wireless battery powered Fuse locksets and e-cylinders.

Fuse is a technology developed to complement the use of traditional electronic access control systems, by providing end users with a simple, intelligent way to enhance the controllability and security of their premises. This is achieved without the disruption and costs associated with dedicated direct cabling and provision of power to every door.

The Fuse wireless lockset or cylinder is designed to serve as a combined card reader and locking device, as well as providing a real-time link to the Fuse online processor unit. It is the Fuse controllers distributed around the site, that make all of the access decisions as each card is read.

The Fuse System also offers end users the option to control their doors using a data on card offline integrated option, where the wireless concept is taken one stage further and the system becomes completely wire free.
Because the Fuse escutcheon locksets and e-cylinders are wireless enabled, there is a simple migration path from offline data on card, to wireless on line; should the need arise.

The Fuse system is the most cost effective, efficient and feature enriched solution which leverages the combined benefits of traditional wired wall readers with battery powered wireless online and wire free offline solutions.

All three concepts can be blended seamlessly and managed from a single software admin package which in turn can integrate with client business infrastructure (HR, AD, cashless, T&A etc) and other security subsystems (such as Intruder Alarms and CCTV).

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