Homerton Hospital Exterior

Homerton Hospital door with pull handles 

homerton Hospital door with pull handle

Homerton Hospital double door with Pull_handles 





Homerton Hospital

Homerton hospital is an innovative and friendly Foundation Trust based in the east London Borough of Hackney. As part of the approved framework for the existing hospital, Hunters’ remit has been to instigate a step change in design ethos of ongoing refurbishment throughout the hospital.

As always in an NHS ward, it is imperative that good hand hygiene is maintained at all times to stop the cross contamination of bacteria between users of the hospital. When approaching the refurbishment of the Adult Rehab Unit at Homerton Hospital, Hunters enquired as to how the door furniture, a key touch item, could aid the fight against healthcare associated infections (HCAIs).

Recent studies have shown that copper is inherently antimicrobial, killing 99.9% of bacteria within 2 hours of contact. Allgood presented Hunters with the Contego range of ironmongery. Formed from a proven antimicrobial copper alloy, the Contego range has the appearance of stainless steel. This allowed Allgood to provide a consistent aesthetic, matching satin stainless steel mechanical hardware with ‘touch’ items made from antimicrobial copper, providing protection against the cross-contamination of Healthcare associated infections.

By providing the Contego range of ‘touch’ ironmongery items, Allgood were not only supplying a product range that would protect against the cross-contamination of Healthcare Acquired Infections (HAIs), but were also providing ironmongery that would match the rest of the mechanical hardware. A full ironmongery specification was provided with Contego lever handles, pull handles, WC turns and escutcheons complimented with satin stainless steel mechanical hardware such as hinges, door closers, locks, flushbolts, signage and door stops.

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