St Michael's School Exterior

Safe hinge doors with portholes

St Michael's School Doors with vision panels

St Michael's School Emag door and acoustic seal door

St Michael's School Studio doors and mirror

St Michael's School Safe hinge extrusion



St Michaels School

The new building constructed at St Michael’s School in Enfield sees the single form entry primary school transformed into a two form entry primary school, providing a great facility in the process.

The architects on the project were Rock Townsend  who are well versed in the education sector and understand the demands of a school building. When approaching the project, they wanted a better solution for the issue of trapped fingers in the hinge side of the door. Conventional finger protection products that are used to solve this issue can have a short product life and Rock Townsend wanted a more durable solution.

Allgood approached the issue and suggested an innovative product from Safehinge. An aluminium extrusion which runs down the side of the door, is hung on pivots. When the door is operated, the gap that usually appears at the hinge edge of the door is eliminated. In addition, a full ironmongery specification was created including pivots and straps for the Safehinge extrusion, safety door furniture, acoustic drop seals and mechanical hardware.

Finally, Allgood supplied the whole doorset package, pre installing ironmongery and Safehinge in the doors at the factory which provided great efficiencies. The end result was a single source package that saved time for the contractor on site, reduced cost and ultimately improved the quality of installation.

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