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Auchmuty High 

Designed by Fife Council Property Services, the new building constructed at Auchmuty High School in Glenrothes, Scotland, sees the new development replace the old high school with better learning facilities and advanced learning equipment.

Allgood provided Fife Council with a complete access control and ironmongery solution, which makes the majority of the school keyless.

Allgood Trio created an advanced access control package, containing proximity readers and access control handle sets, that provide traceable audit throughout the building and in addition to the ability to control access to various areas. The package also included software which allows the deletion of a card if it is lost or stolen,  providing a better alternative to the expensive process of replacing lost keys.

Allgood Trio also supplied and installed the automatic door set solution, which satisfied Fife Council’s requirement for the doors to automatically drive open and remain open in the event of the fire alarm being activated, providing smoke ventilation through the main central core area of the school.

The solution also  allowed staff to control the main entrance doors and pupil entrances during specific times. (i.e. granting pupils access during school; start, finish and break times and being locked outside these time periods).

The whole package provided by Allgood Trio was delivered on time and within the clients budget, including the installation of both access control and automatic doorsets by Allgood Trio engineers.

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