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Royal Star & Garter 

Designed by Scurr & Partners Architects, the new purpose built home in Surbiton is the latest of the charity’s new care developments, providing 24 hour nursing care within a homelike environment. Originally a home for injuried WW1 veterans to return to, the charity now provides long and short term care for ex-service people and their close family. The home is specially equipped with 63 en-suite rooms and a dedicated dementia area, with 26 rooms for residents who require specialist support.

Royal Star & Garter’s aim was to make sure that every room was specially equipped to suit the individual resident’s needs. Therefore, the access control solution had to reflect this ethos. With this in mind, Allgood Trio supplied and installed an advanced access control package, containing proximity readers, proximity lever handle sets, safety sensors and automatic door operators.

Allgood Trio worked with Scurr & Partners Architects to provide a low key, yet highly secure access control package, that allows staff to control the access given to residents, without causing any disturbance or confusion. This met Royal Star & Garter’s idealogy of having a secure building, whilst maintaining it’s homelike and comfy atmosphere.

Royal Star & Garter’s dedicated dementia area required an access control package that kept within the main interior theme, that used contrasting colours to help residents navigate their way round the building. Allgood Trio were especially asked to provide a practical and aesthetically pleasing lever handle set, that would suit this contrast, whilst maintaining it’s homelike atmosphere.

Taking this into consideration, we supplied our Salto lever handle set with 41020 FSB lever handles; combining Salto’s efficient software alongside FSB’s ergonomic lever handles, in a polished brass finish.


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