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Glasgow School of Art

The £50m development of the Glasgow School of Art (GSA) campus designed by Steven Holl and JM Architects, sees the addition of the Reid building and the refurbishment of GSA’s student union, the Assembly building (also known as the ‘Vic’).

The new development named after Dame Seona Reid (the former director of the GSA), provides a modern arts facility, including; design studios, offices, exhibition spaces, lecture facilities and communal areas. In contrast to the surrounding 19th century buildings, the new Reid building features 3 massive circular shafts called the ‘Driven Voids of Light’, which allow natural light to enter the building, providing a sustainable source of light during the day.

A live music venue and student union, the Vic is renowned as a launch pad for famous bands such as The Clash and Franz Ferdinand. The refurbishment of this art deco building updated its original facilities and interior, improving the venue’s atmosphere.

JM Architects approached Allgood Plc for a durable and aesthetically pleasing ironmongery solution that would suit a wide variety of doors differing in; shape, size and finish. Allgood suggested a complete ironmongery package containing a mixture of Modric and Alite ironmongery.

The ironmongery solution supplied was tailored to suit the bespoke doorsets. Modric lever handles and Allgood floor springs were used on the Gallery swing doors, which were 3m tall x 2m wide. Alite push plates and pull handles were supplied to the irregular shaped double doors in the lecture room, and bespoke sliding door gear was fitted to an entrance to the gift shop.

Satisfied with Allgood’s ironmongery package, Sir Robert McAlpine decided that Allgood were the best option all round, as our product proved a cost effective and robust solution. Allgood’s Glasgow office is also located at close proximity to the site, allowing any issues or questions to be dealt with swiftly, aiding the project to be delivered on time.

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