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45 Park Lane

Situated in the heart of Mayfair, 45 Park Lane is the sister hotel of the nearby Dorchester. The building stood unoccupied for 13 years before Paul Davis & Partners architects began working on it’s redesign.

World renowned interior designer, Thierry Dupont worked closely with the architects to ensure the art deco building retained it’s elegant cladding, whilst transforming the existing 1960’s design into a contemporary style aimed at a younger clientelle than the Dorchester.

As part of the world famous Dorchester collection, 45 park lane is held to the highest standards. Allgood were asked to supply an ironmongery solution that would match these standards, marrying both companies reputation for quality and excellence.

With the hotel entrance being a vital tool for all hotels, the architects asked us to craft bespoke, polished stainless steel pull handles for the revolving entrance doors.

Allgood trio also provided an access control package that included overhead door closers and automatic door operators. In a hotel that will have a variety of guests, access control systems  such as automatic door operators are vital to aid anyone who may struggle to use the doors.

Another factor in the specification was the level of usage involved in this building. The ironmongery had to be high performance in order to cope with the regular usage. However, this had to be combined with a pleasing aethetic design, inkeeping with the Dorchester collection’s brand image.

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