Pioneer school front entrance

Pioneer School Automated doors with finger protection

Pioneer School entrance with automated sliding doors

Pioneer School SB 41119 on salto door    Pioneer School Auto door with vision panel vertical

Pioneer School CCTV camera

Pioneer school entrance






Pioneer School 

Pioneer School in Basildon is a specialist school aimed at providing pupils with severe learning and physical disabilities with a range of facilities that will enable them to prepare for independence in adult life.

Given the disabilities of the students at the school, the aim was to provide an environment that gave the school the required level of security and teacher control, without unnecessary restriction of movement for students within the building. Allgood provided a truly integrated package of ironmongery, access control, automated doors and CCTV. 

Included within the package was a special system for children with severe physical disabilities. Fobs were supplied which students could wear or carry that would automatically open doors on movement around the school, providing pupils with the freedom to proceed around the school unassisted, an important step in their development. The result is a facility where the integrated package supplied provides the school with the security and control needed to manage the circulation of students around the building safely.

In addition, a full ironmongery specification was created utilising the FSB 41119 lever furniture which was selected as it adheres to the principles of BS8300, whilst also providing a unique aesthetic and ergonomic grip. To continue the aesthetic and ergonomic benefits of the lever handle throughout the building, the FSB 41119 lever handle was applied to our on-door access control escutcheons.

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