72 Series vertical euro profile mortice emergency lock

  • Lever handles withdraws latch bolt. If deadbolt is projected, the inside lever handle only will withdraw both the latchbolt and deadbolt in one action. Door then remains unlocked until manually re-locked from outside or turn from inside
  • Lever handle on inside only requires the XX9052NT half spindle
  • Reversible latchbolt without opening lockcase
  • Heavily sprung for lever handles
  • Bolt through fixing holes for furniture
  • Independently tested to BS EN 179:2008 3/7/6/B/1/3/4/2/A/B and BS EN 12209:2003 3/7/6/B/1/3/4/2/A/D
  • CE Marked DOP-AGD-330
  • Certifire approved CF 347
  • Incorporated in successful fire test and assessed to BS EN 1634-1 and BS 476 Pt 22 up to 90 minutes on timber doors and 240 minutes on metal doors
  • Recommended to be used with Allgood cylinders
  • 10 year warranty

Variations  table (mm) 
                   Handle   Forend    a     b  
7278.60      Lever     Square    92   60 
7278.80      Lever     Square  112   80
7278K10    Knob      Square  132  100
7278F60    Lever      Radius    92    60 
7278F80    Lever      Radius  112    80
7278KF10  Knob      Radius  132   100


Photo of Finish


Simulated bronze. A unique finish applied to stainless steel, imitating the look and feel of FSB bronze (BR).



Polished stainless steel



Satin stainless steel.