Holt Pull Handles installed in Tate Modern shop

Tate Edit is a specialist store, that offers visitors a unique experience. It sells classic design works, including tableware, furniture, and cutlery that is found within the gallery. Every few months, a guest editor is also invited to select items for the shop, and favourite pieces are regularly hand-picked by the store’s team.

The Holt pull handle, which is part of the Holt range designed by Mowat and Company, is crafted in the UK from the finest European oak, and then precision finished with 5% matt interior lacquer. Durable steel components are inserted into the pull handle to provide the base strength for all fixings.

The handles are available in five different lengths and three different fixing types. They are suitable for all interior applications, and for exterior installations upon request.

Moreover, the Holt pull handle has a degree of comfort as well as style, as it is warm to the touch and has a super circular design for comfortable use by the elderly and the arthritic. Its lacquered finish and concealed fixings gives it an overall neat and stylish aesthetic, but also makes the product simple to clean and maintain.


Alex Mowat, Founding Director of Mowat and Company, who designed the Holt pull handle, commented: "We are extremely proud that our Holt door handles have been specified by Jasper Morrison and Herzog and de Meuron for the doors of the Tate Edit shop. These beautiful wooden handles are specifically designed to be warm to the touch and the ergonomic shape provides the optimum grip for comfortable use by everyone, which makes them the perfect choice for the wide range of people that visit the Tate Modern.

“To have been placed amongst classics such as Dieter Rams’ Vitsœ shelving and Santa & Cole lighting is the ultimate compliment. Holt really is in the best company at the Tate Modern.”

Gordon Mills, Sales Manager at Tate Edit, states that he has received positive feedback from visitors about the design of the shop. He said: “Tate Edit is a new venture for the Tate Modern and it’s in a great position at the entrance to welcome visitors into the museum. The Holt pull handles have been a great addition to the new beautiful space. Visitors have even asked where they are from, and if we are selling them!”

“In my opinion, the handles were specified due to their level of design, and their sturdy and brutalist yet sleek appearance.”

For more information, please visit www.allgood.co.uk

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