Allgood plc – update on COVID 19

19th March 2020


Since our last COVID-19 statement posted on our website on 11th March 2020, Allgood has taken the following measures to minimise the risk of transmission of the virus whilst assuring continuing service to our customers: 

  • Allgood sales representatives will remain available for our business partners as usual. As well as the traditional mobile phone and email, all team members have “Microsoft Teams” which allows for very effective zero-cost video conferencing as a simple replacement for face-to-face meetings. This platform also allows for screen-sharing to facilitate collaborations. 
  • All staff in our London office will be working from home with effect from Monday 23rd March. Our customers and partners should, however, continue to use the same communication methods as usual. All email and business systems are cloud-enabled, including our internet-based telephone system. Consequently, the direct-dial-in (DDI) numbers you have for any Allgood team member will continue to function as usual. 
  • Our Birmingham, Manchester and Glasgow offices will continue to operate as normal. 
  • Our Birmingham factory and warehouse will also function as usual. If several shop floor staff have to self-isolate we will deploy office-based staff (eight of whom used to work on our shop floor) to guarantee continuing operations. We also have contingency plans in place with sub-contract processors (e.g. CNC operations) for critical manufacturing processes. These will be deployed if we lose important in-house skills for a period. Delivery lead times are currently unchanged. 
  • Arrangements are already in place to allow all staff who are parents of young children (who will be home from school after Friday 20th March) to work effectively from home. 
  • Our leadership team meets every morning at 9:30 to review the overall business situation and take further action as required. 
  • Further updates will be posted in our news section as required.