COVID-19 Statement from Allgood plc

11th March 2020


There are two principal risks to Allgood’s customer service, both of which, at the time of writing (11th March 2020), are viewed as a low threat to our ability to ensure continued service and supply. 

The first is the risk of infection to a significant proportion of our staff, potentially leading to delays in the processing of routine business transactions. At the time of writing, we have no staff absent from work due to illness from the virus, and COVID-19 is currently reported as a moderate risk to the public by the UK government. We naturally remain vigilant and will follow all guidance from the UK Chief Medical Officers concerning routine hygiene on our premises, and indeed enforced absence from work if and when required by the advice. In the event of forced absences from work, most of our roles can be adequately fulfilled by remote working, and our business systems allow home working for almost all aspects of the company’s operations.  In areas where this is not possible, such as manufacturing and logistics, our managers are using fluid contingency plans to keep staffing levels at required rates to maintain the quality of service expected.   

Secondly, there is a risk to our supply chain, which we currently judge as low. 90% of that supply chain is UK-based (including the Allgood factory in Birmingham), and we are therefore relatively insulated from the short to medium-term risks which may affect companies who import most of their products. In our own manufacturing operation, we routinely hold 3-4 months of raw material inventory and have sought assurances from our component providers over ongoing provision which further reduces any risk of disruption in the medium term.   

Please consult our BREXIT statement, which – albeit written to address a different source of risk does address the same potential consequences of supply disruption – explains the resilience of our supply arrangements in more detail.