29th June 2021

Modric: simplicity in form, made without compromise

Launched in 1965, Modric™ was the first coordinated range of architectural ironmongery and hardware with a uniform aesthetic.  Designed by Alan Tye and Knud Holscher, it set new standards for door hardware with its uncompromising commitment to design consistency and engineering excellence and is integral to the history of Allgood.   

Modric embodies a design philosophy. Inspired by Bauhaus principles, the elegant simplicity of each product expresses its purpose with high-quality materials precisely engineered in beautiful detail to last a lifetime.  Function without ornament. 

The first Modric range comprised 150 pieces created to be specified together.  A modular collection that launched just as the UK adopted the metric system – hence the name (Modular + Metric) – elements were interchangeable and identically finished.  Modric won numerous national and international design awards at launch and has been recognised by the world’s leading art and design museum, the Victoria & Albert in London, with a permanent collection.  

Purity and simplicity define Modric’s understated appeal. The clean lines and simple ergonomic forms, designed and made with an absolute attention to detail, sit quietly and harmoniously in any building.  For over 50 years, Modric has been installed in projects across all sectors and remains our most popular range – a testament to its enduring aesthetic and engineering.  

Modric Range

Modric Spectra Lever Handles

Modric Range

Today, Modric has evolved in design and construction.  But it has never deviated from the original design philosophy: conceived for simplicity and made without compromise.

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