30th March 2021

Allgood reengineers its Redlock following four years of R&D 

After four years of research and development, Allgood’s Redlock has been reengineered to improve performance making it even easier to specify and install. 

Redlock is all about simplicity. The ultimate fitand-forget system, it is designed to perform with minimal fuss and is engineered for reliability – using only the essential electronics and built with all-metal components. Compatible with every Allgood lever, Redlock meets ANSI, UKCA*, UL and EN standards.  The ease of installation has also been improved with fitting times reduced by 80%, with every lock made to a uniform size making both mechanical and solenoid options interchangeable.  

Alistair Higgins, CEO at Allgood PLC, commented: “Redlock has been a successful part of the Allgood hardware offering for decades, and it has now been refined to offer our clients enhanced security while making the lock simpler to specify and install and more reliable than ever.   

We have invested a huge amount of time creating a range that is as simple as possible and builds on the products’ reputation for robust reliability. And of course, it works like a dream with all our tactile ranges.” 

To learn about the updated versions of the Redlock, click here:  

*Application in progress