PAS 24

PAS 24 is recognised by Secured By Design as a method of testing a doorset assembly to the minimum level of security. Tests are carried out on a complete doorset in its frame with identified points of attack within the specification.

Security professionals highlight the cylinder as a vulnerable part of a doorset, including the surrounding hardware that operates a morticed or multipoint locking mechanism.

Under section A.11 of PAS 24, along with controlled mechanical loadings, there is provision to attack the cylinder and surrounding hardware using a set of specified tools in an attempt to gain entry through the door.

Most traditional cast and pressed backplates are lightweight and hollow, making them easily removable from a door, giving access to the vulnerable cylinder.

Allgood Doors backplates are manufactured like no other. The fact they are fully machined from a solid base material combined with hardened steel lugs and security fixings, gives a much stronger construction than the traditional cast and pressed products.

When tested to PAS 24-1 section A.11 the new handles surpassed the standard and achieved consistently excellent results.