24-Volt DC 3 Amp Switched Mode Power Supply

CODE:  76326

Allgood Secure switched-mode PSU’s circuitry is over 90% efficient; it doesn’t waste electricity by generating excessive heat when it converts 230v AC down to 12/24v DC. The resultant cost savings often mean initial capital cost payback periods are as short as four months, with substantial savings ongoing.


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 76326  24-Volt DC 3 Amp Switched Mode Power Supply

• Suitable for the powering of Allgood 24v DC electromagnetic hold open devices
• Maximum output current (at full load 3 amp)
• Self-resetting output fuse
• Maximum output voltage with AC Power 27.4v DC
• Voltage Input – 195v AC to 265v AC @ 50-60 Hz • AC Input fuse – 3 amp
• Power supply fault indication (on-board and remote)
• Power Supply Classification – Type A, Ungraded, Environmental Class 2
• Greater current output and increased housing size makes termination of multiple cable quantities much easier and neater