72009 Allgood Secure Door Mounted Safety Sensors

CODE: 72009

 Allgood Secure door mounted safety sensor set (1-pair), complete with black plastic door loop and fixing kit. Suitable for glass doors and limited top rail space complies to BS EN 16005 safety guidelines. Each sensor uses time-of-flight laser technology for automatic swing doors to generates 170 measurement points that provide a complete protection for swing doors and their users. A single sensor covers the entire door wing including the hinge area. 


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72009 Allgood Secure Door Mounted Safety Sensor

• For use with any Allgood Secure ranges of swing door operators
• Protects both open and closing door face including hinge pinch points
• Uses LASER scanner, time-of-flight measurement to constantly monitor detection areas
• Max. detection range 4 m (diagonal) with reflectivity of 2% (W = 1.5 m -> max. H = 3.7 m)
• Opening angle Door wing safety: 90° / Pinch zone safety: 16°
• Test body 700 mm × 300 mm × 200 mm (test body A according to EN 16005 & DIN 18650)
• Supply voltage 12-24V DC ± 15%
• Dimensions 142 mm (L) × 85 mm (H) × 33 mm (D) (mounting bracket + 7 mm)
• Protection degree IP54