Alite Pull Handle

CODE: 98798

Manufactured in the UK from the finest grade 304 stainless steel, these pull handles are available with bolt through, back-to-back or secret face fixings.


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98798 Alite Ø19mm ‘D’ Pull Handle (including XX98798SS, XX98798SSF, XX98798SSBB, XX98799SS, XX98799SSF & XX98799SSBB)

  • 400mm fixing centres
  • Adheres to the dimensional guidelines of BS 8300 and approved Doc M
  • Fixings supplied for doors up to 54mm
    • Bolt Through fixed order code XX98798SS or XX98799SS
    • Concealed Face fixed order code XX98798SSF or XX98799SSF
    • Back to Back (pair) order code XX98798SSBB or XX98799SSBB
  • For doors exceeding 54mm use M8 extension bolt (not included) order additional code XX6750E8
  • For back to back fixing pack to suit glass doors (not included) order additional code SP0017
  • Hand finished
  • Grade 304 solid stainless steel
  • 15 year manufacturing warranty