Battery Operated Fire Door Hold-Open Device (White)

CODE: 9405W

 The 9405 has a built in “listen and learn” technology which can be programmed to record the specific sound of the building’s fire alarm, ensuring the doors will only close upon hearing this exact sound. The 9405-fire door holder is the perfect solution to legally hold open fire doors in schools, care homes, hotels, and office buildings. reducing door handle contact, increasing building ventilation and improving visibility and accessibility. 


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9405W Battery Operated Fire Door Hold-Open Device (White)

• Battery operated fire door hold-open device
• Legally hold open fire doors without the need of a hard-wired connection to a fire alarm
• Recognised by UK Fire and Rescue
• Suitable for installation to BS 7273-4 Standard Actuation (Category B)
• Conforms to EN:1155
• Holding force 200N
• Power size 5
• Default release volume 70dB
• Programmable timed-release (door close) windows
• 2 X C cell batteries
• Typical battery life 12-months