Allgood Trio motor driven electronic mortice lock and strike plate.

  • Designed for high security, single action
    door applications
  • A door alignment system that operates
    on a cam action bolt pin. This closes a
    door resting 8mm or less from fully
    closed, by pulling it into alignment
  • The door can have in excess of up to
    100kg side load pressure applied and
    it will still release instantly when
  • The bolt pin automatically deadbolts
    1,000kg holding force
  • 10mm thick stainless steel bolt pin
  • Convert from Fail Safe to Fail Secure
    by repositioning a single jumper
  • Horizontal or vertical mounting
  • Twin monitor (door and bolt position)
  • 1800ma current draw @12v
    900ma   current draw @24v
  • Suitable for use on Timber, Aluminium
    and Steel doors




As specified.