Allgood Trio 99 series vertical euro profile solenoid redlock.

• State hand -  9946P5L or 9946P5R

• One 'controlled lever withdraws latchbolt when solenoid is activated and one 'free' lever always withdraws latchbolt.

• Includes request to exit function

• 12v DC fail safe

• Twin monitored

• UL listed and complies with ANSI 115.1. Suits standard ANSI preparation for metal doors

• Independently tested to BS EN 179 3/7/6/B/1/3/4/2/A/B and 3/7/6/B/1/3/4/2/A/B/D

• Certifire approved CF 623

• Incorporated in successful fire test and assessed to BS EN 1634-1 and BS 476 Pt 22 up to 90 minutes on   timber doors and 240 minutes on metal doors

• 10 year mechanical guarantee,
1 year electrical guarantee


As above but 24v DC.


Photo of Finish


Satin stainless steel. Grade 316.