St. Bartholomew's Church

Constructed in 1060, St Bartholomew’s Church is a historic church that serves the leafy village of Otford in Kent. Recent renovations at the church gave an opportunity of automating the new annex entrance doors plus the original church entrance. Given the historical importance of the Church, there was a need to approach the project with a sympathetic and flexible manner to provide an installation that did not look like a retrofit to the building.

To enable the existing hinged doors to remain and keeping the integrity of the church's features, Allgood Trio had to create a bespoke solution. The traditional church doors required a completely different approach as the radius of the door prevented the use of a traditional transom mounted operators. The use of under floor operators with special, fabricated guide arms and slide rails provided the functionality that allowed the doors to be automatically operated.  

This was not the end to the challenging installation. The 900 year old stone flooring was carefully removed and re-laid to allow for the positioning of the under floor operators. In addition, the ironstone walls could not be altered. To eliminate the need for ugly wiring conduit, ‘wire free’ push buttons were carefully positioned onto the walls.

The result was a discreet installation that shows an understanding of its surroundings, allowing worshippers of all ages to enter and leave the Church building through fully automated doors.

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