Holt numerals with secret face fixing.


  • Suitable for interior and exterior applications.
  • Chamfered design allows precipitation to drain away.
  • Exterior lacquered finish that is easy to clean and maintain.
  • Secret face fixings create a shadow gap detail.
  • 9% lower embodied energy than comparable stainless steel products (dependent on numeral)

Reference Code

HO2850 Holt ‘0’ numeral.
HO2851 Holt ‘1’ numeral.
HO2852 Holt ‘2’ numeral.
HO2853 Holt ‘3’ numeral.
HO2854 Holt ‘4’ numeral.
HO2855 Holt ‘5’ numeral.
HO2856 Holt ‘6’ numeral.
HO2857 Holt ‘7’ numeral.
HO2858 Holt ‘8’ numeral.
HO2859 Holt ‘9’ numeral.
HO2850A Holt ‘a’ letter.
HO2850B Holt ‘b’ letter.
HO2850C Holt ‘c’ letter.

Production and Materials
The Holt numerals are crafted in the UK from the finest European oak and then precision finished with 15% matt exterior lacquer. Durable steel components are inserted into the numerals to provide the base strength for the secret face fixings.


Photo of Finish


The Holt range is crafted in the UK from oak and then precision finished with 5% matt interior lacquer.