Allgood Secure Biometric Bluetooth Wall Reader

CODE: 73760

The 73760 biometric wall reader does not store any fingerprints. The biometric features of the original fingerprint, such as unique points, line ends, forks in the lines, etc. are used to produce a pattern (template). This template is converted into a unique binary number code by means of an algorithm. It is then stored and used each time for authentication.


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73760 Allgood Secure Biometric Bluetooth Wall Reader 

• Flush mounted Satin stainless-steel biometric wall reader and remote controller
• For use with 73761 and 73762 control unit and special reader flush box
• Authentication by either biometric fingerprint or mobile phone application
• Stores up to 99 user credentials (fingerprints)
• Offers full system management of fingerprint enrollment via a mobile phone application
• Normally open going closed lock outputs
• Request to exit inputs
• Recommended mounting height of wall reader 1550 mm from floor
• Supplied with 8-meter connection cable
• IP 54 rating
• For use with Allgood Secure range of electronic locking (supplied separately)