Comprising: Spectra Colour, Spectra Living, Spectra Tone and Spectra Tech. Whatever the palette and design theme of your project, our extensive selection of colours and finishes will offer many possibilities to stimulate your ideas.  We have also created Spectra Living, an opulent collection of living finishes designed to patina over time, available exclusively for our Continental range. 

Allgood Continental range

Allgood Continental range

Allgood Continental range wc-turns

Allgood Continental range

Spectra Living

A range of beautiful living finishes designed to age gracefully. 

Curated for our Continental collection, Spectra Living adds a new dimension to the solid brass range including matt, lacquered, waxed and oil rubbed hand-finished patinas.  Each only grows more stunning over time as daily use brings out subtle tones of brass and bronze to perfectly complement the timeless designs. 

Spectra Living finishes are decorative and specifically designed to patinate over time.  Normal use and exposure to the environment will bring out the metal below the finish for a beautiful, aged aesthetic. 

Available living finishes: 

OPB • Oil patina bronze | MBB • Black bronze | RB • Regal bronze | SBL • Satin burnished brass | PBUL • Patinating polished brass

4506 in OPB, RB , PEN, PBUL, MBB, PN  & SBL 

Spectra Tone

Spectra Tone applies a simulated metal finish through an electrophoretic process for those projects where satin brass, gold, black or bronze is required. This coating can be lacquered and coloured with metallic dye solutions, including our distinctive BF bronze finish, to give colour, texture, and improved durability. 

Spectra Tone also offers two additional finishes exclusive to the Continental range; pearl lustre or hand polished nickel.  When applied to brass these two finishes offer a luxurious warmth with hints of brass or a high shine with a reassuring depth. 

Spectra Tone finishes should be given regular attention with warm, soapy water to maintain their appearance, with the periodic use of a quality metal polish also advisable.

Available Tone finishes: 

PEN • Pearl lustre nickel | PN • Hand polished nickel | BF • Simulated bronze | BK***M • Simulated matt black | BK***G • Simulated gloss black | BA***M • Simulated matt brass | BA***G • Simulated gloss brass | BZ***M • Simulated matt bronze | BZ***G • Simulated gloss bronze | GL***M • Simulated matt gold | GL***G • Simulated gloss gold

4050 in ZM & BF

3509 in SS, BM & RM

Spectra Modric Bronze Finishes

Selection of Modric products in BF

Spectra Mode Finishes

3570 in BM, 4040 in RM  & 4060 in ZM

Spectra Tech

Spectra Tech is our premium PVD vacuum coating process that results in a superior decorative finish in a range of metallic colours, in both matt and gloss; a hard-wearing solution, with excellent durability that will not fade and retains the touch and feel of steel.  Incredibly thin – just 1/50ththe width of a human hair – a product finished with our Spectra Tech process will not need lacquer and is tarnish and corrosion resistant, due to the resilience of the finish and the quality of the products as we only use the highest quality stainless steel. 

Available Tech finishes: 

BM • Matt black | BG • Gloss black | RM • Matt brass  | RG • Gloss brass | ZM • Matt bronze | ZG • Gloss bronze | GM • Matt gold GG • Gloss gold 

Modric Spectra tech gloss bronze

Modric Spectra tech gloss black (PVD)

Modric Spectra Polished Stainless Steel

Modric Spectra tech gloss gold

2450EL in ZG, BG, GG  & PS

Spectra Colour

Spectra Colour is our powder coating option, available in any RAL colour such as blacks (RAL 9005, 9004) and is suitable for internal and external applications.  This uses an electrostatic polyester powder coating process for solid non-transparent colours and is available on a wide range of tactile ironmongery and hardware.

Care and maintenance

Spectra Living finishes are decorative and specifically designed to patina over time.  Normal use and exposure to the environment will bring out the metal below the finish for a beautiful aged aesthetic.

The living collection comprises lacquered, unlacquered and oil rubbed finishes, all of which can be cleaned with warm, soapy water and a soft cloth.  The use of solvents, cleaning chemicals or abrasive products is not advised and will result in damage to the finish.

For lacquered and oil rubbed ironmongery, an occasional rub down with a quality beeswax polish is advised.  For unlacquered options, we suggest a metal polish such as Brasso.

For the Spectra Tone finishes, regular attention with warm, soapy water will maintain appearance, with the periodic use of a quality metal polish.