Allgood has always been a specification-led business.  We understand the modern challenges facing design and specification and will work in partnership to support design-led ambition in a value-led world.  From support on architectural ironmongery specification and scheduling, to advice and guidance on product choice and regulatory compliance, to addressing value engineering concerns, we will be with you at every step.  


Ironmongery Specification And Product Choice

Any building project must consider flow and purpose; what the various areas of a project will be used for, how often and how they will interconnect.  With clients facing almost endless choices, our specification consultants work in partnership with architects and designers to find the individual solution for each project that matches design, performance and value.  Whether this is a high-rise office space, an airport lounge, or a 1000 room hotel and spa complex, meeting design aspirations with products that will perform and deliver value is crucial.


The development of an ironmongery schedule is an essential part of the build process and can take considerable time and expertise.  Allgood has the largest estimating team in the industry with combined ironmongery experience of almost 300 years and is integral to the service we offer to all our clients.

All our estimators hold GAI qualifications and are the biggest team in the industry, regularly producing over a hundred schedules a week, from specialist projects in the UK, to multi-million-pound investments in the Middle East; each project receives the same quality of service and benefits from our commitment to quality.   Our schedules will ensure compliance with all relevant fire and safety legislation, as well as meet specific product performance requirements. We continue to work with our partners throughout the lifetime of a project to revise and review plans as needed.

Ironmongery Scheduling