To create a mood board, first create a new board in the Dashboard or alternately on a product page. You can then add products either by searching from them via the search function on the Mood board page or by selecting ‘add to mood board’ from any product page.

Be sure to choose from all options on each product via the drop-down menus. Once selected, click ‘save to mood board’. It will then ask you to select your mood board an press save. Once you have chosen all your products, return to the Mood board and select all the assets you require from the check list under each product – data sheet, technical drawing etc.

Once you have completed your product selection and the chosen the assets you need you can then create a product presentation or download all the assets chosen. You have two options for creating a presentation:

Create an image mood board – a summary product presentation.

Create a full product proposal – all products and assets will be included.

NB: Make sure you have allowed pop-ups on your chosen browser – the proposals download as PDFs.

If you experience any problems with the mood board function, please email us at

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Choosing a Product for Mood Board

Create or Choose a Mood Board

Adding Product to Mood Board

Download Your Assets

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