Why Allgood – A Commitment To Quality

Allgood was founded in 1948 with a mission to provide the highest quality architectural ironmongery through exemplary service.  As such, we are committed to quality in design, craftsmanship and customer service throughout every aspect of our business.

A Single Partner

For over 70 years, Allgood has been trusted to deliver the complete specification and supply service.  Our partners have the reassurance that we provide a single source guaranteeing a fully coordinated package of ironmongery and hardware. “Single source” means that all product certifications are our own, and therefore if problems arise, we will own them as ours to resolve – and not pass you on to someone else.  

We pioneered the world’s first fully coordinated range of ironmongery in 1965 with the launch of Modric.  Today, we continue to offer this consistent aesthetic, unrivalled durability, and products that are fully certified and compliant with all relevant regulations.    

In these uncertain times, our longstanding policy of ‘UK first’ in our manufacturing and sourcing decisions means over 90% of our products are from UK-based suppliers.  This includes our own dedicated manufacturing operation in Birmingham which works exclusively for Allgood, producing 25% of what we sell. 

We champion British manufacturing, and this also mitigates the potential risks with international supply chains.    

A single partner for complex times: your guarantee of quality.  

A specification-led approach

Allgood has always been a specification-led business.  We believe collaborating on projects at the earliest possible stage guarantees the best outcomes for all concerned: specifiers, contractors, and end users. At the design stage our qualified specialists will generate a schedule where all ironmongery and hardware complement the aesthetic of a project, as well as meet any functional, performance and regulatory obligations.   

All our specification consultants hold Guild of Architectural Ironmongers (GAI) qualifications, as do our experienced team of estimators – the largest in the industry.  This ensures customers receive clear, practical specification guidance tailored to each project, underpinned by schedules that comply with national and international codes on fire and safety legislation and product performance. 

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A Consistent Aesthetic

Being a single source partner, every piece of our ironmongery will have a consistent aesthetic. We source or manufacture to our own specifications with great attention to detail. We only use a 320-grit finish on main ranges and insist on a universal grain direction for polishing. For decorative finishes we offer three different applications, each coordinated within our Spectra range to ensure consistency across every component.

Unrivalled Durability

An ethos of quality is at the heart of Allgood.  We provide ironmongery with the confidence of a lifetime’s performance. All main ranges are made from solid grade 316 stainless steel and levers are mounted on our patented Quadaxial™ rose, which is tested to a million cycles and provided with a 25-year mechanical guarantee.

Premium Materials

We believe that architectural hardware should be long–lasting and low maintenance, so we only use the very best materials, such as solid grade 316 stainless steel in all our main ranges. Grade 316 is universally regarded as the highest-grade stainless steel for ironmongery.  Sometimes known as marine-grade, it offers superior strength and durability, both at high and sub-zero temperatures and is resistant to corrosion. 

Exceeding Industry Performance Standards

We want our products to last a lifetime, therefore we design and engineer them to far exceed the current industry performance standards. Testament to this is our patented Quadaxial™ assembly rose, tested to one million cycles without failure – five times more than the highest performance level required by the EN1906 standard of 200,000 cycles.    

Made by Allgood using precision-engineered components, the Quadaxial™ provides minimal movement between the rose and lever thanks to its innovative design. This uses four bearings – two on either side of the door – meaning two are always in use during opening and closing. This ensures optimum load bearing, and unrivalled stability and security making it ideal for heavy-duty use.     

The Quadaxial™ rose is used on all main ranges of levers and means we can offer a 25-year mechanical warranty.     

To match the lever performance, Allgood hinges are also engineered to surpass the required standard. We completed testing to EN1935 grade 4 with 200,000 test cycles and then arranged for the UKAS approved test facility to continue testing to more than 1,000,000 cycles without failure. 



Fully Certified

We like to work with our customers as early as possible at the design stage, to ensure all products within a package work together.  This includes checking for compliance with the latest regulations and providing comprehensive certification to ensure compliance with all national and international codes including BS EN and ANSI/UL.  This extends to mechanical performance testing and Certifire fire safety regulations where we hold our own, independent testing certification.  

As a business, Allgood has also held ISO9001 for 30 years and ISO14001 for over a decade – simply because we believe the interests of our customers – as well as the planet – are best served by having a commitment to products which last a lifetime, do not have to be replaced wastefully within a few years, and require minimal maintenance. 

Made In Britain

We champion British manufacturing and remain the only UK architectural ironmonger with a dedicated UK manufacturing operation, based in our Birmingham site from where we have operated since 1964. Working only for Allgood, our production team and engineers have decades of experience using both traditional and modern methods to create over 100,000 pieces of hardware a year with an uncompromising attention to detail.   

This commitment extends to our procurement, with over 90% of our products sourced from British–based suppliers. 

Manufacturing at allgood

Fully Qualified

Fully Qualified

As a trusted partner – and as one of the founders of the Guild of Architectural Ironmongers in 1965 – it is imperative that we retain and nurture the skills to offer professional ironmongery advice. As well as training staff in the internationally recognised and respected GAI Diploma, the GAI itself provides members with comprehensive information on issues relating to the legislation, regulations and standards governing the use of architectural ironmongery and related hardware.  

Qualified staff have gone through rigorous training so they can give customers the most up-to-date guidance on products, from the aesthetics of the project to the technical details. We currently have 35 team members at Allgood who hold GAI qualifications, with a further 12 currently studying towards them.  All customer–facing staff hold qualifications, including all specification consultants and estimators. In total almost 70% of our staff are qualified or working towards qualification. 


Bespoke projects require a rare combination of expertise and flair. We have spent decades designing and delivering individual pieces or full ranges of bespoke ironmongery for projects across the world. Our knowledge of materials, processes and finishes combined with design acumen, means we guarantee a quality of service to meet the most discerning client.    

Our own designers work with Allgood’s dedicated quality and purchasing teams to realise beautiful concepts that are also practical. Thought-provoking design combined with expertise in material choices and craftsmanship create bespoke pieces that are strikingly individual and meet all compliance considerations with pragmatism. As the only UK architectural ironmonger with a dedicated British manufacturing plant, we can develop these customised designs with flexibility and speed.