As the UK’s leading Architectural Ironmonger, Allgood can offer an unrivalled level of knowledge to our partners. We have two, RIBA certified, 45-minute CPD seminars, rich in video content, providing in-depth, yet easy to understand, guides about Architectural Ironmongery or Security and Access Control.

Demystifying Ironmongery

What Will You Gain From The CPD?

  • A step by step guide to work through when specifying ironmongery
  • An understanding of the type of issues that can arise with ironmongery products
  • Deeper knowledge of the technical terms used in relation to ironmongery
  • A concise overview of the best practice guidelines within ironmongery

Finding the Balance – Electronic Security and Access for Doors

What Will You Gain From The CPD?

Security – what options you can consider to keep a door locked against unauthorised entry

Access – how we maintain security but provide access for authorised entry

Fire Safety – how to meet safety obligations while maintain security and access

CPD secure

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