Whether this is to review a specification or scheduling, provide in-house design expertise when urgent changes are needed, or to arrange site deliveries to fit the tightest build schedule; we understand the pressures you face. Allgood is working hard to provide a range of ironmongery products that meet the demands of contractors and a quality of service that only reduces risk and adds value.   


A Relationship Based On Trust 

We understand that our customers – main contractors and sub-contractors alike – face immense pressures to complete their projects on time whilst respecting all appropriate technical standards. We have therefore structured our organisation to provide the correct advice at the right time and ensure smooth delivery of each project. 

Pre-Order Stage 

Our expert sales consultants and internal sales team will work with you to help you build your own offer to your customer. Because of our extensive early-stage work to assist architects and designers, we will be able to give you reliable costings for all hardware, doors, washroom and security elements. 

Holt Doc M Pack

Manufacturing Holt Ironmongery Products

Order Stage 

At order stage our specialist sales team, all of whom are GAI-qualified architectural ironmongers, will give you the correct advice to help ensure all applicable standards and building regulations are respected. Usually, we will have worked through all that detail with the architect in advance, bringing an unrivalled depth of knowledge and understanding. 

We appreciate the cost pressures during construction phase and will advise if and how savings can be achieved without compromising the required product standards or functions. We believe this is true value engineering. 

Project Stage 

Each project is allocated to a dedicated Allgood contract coordinator who will see it through from start to completion. Managing every element of the package and ensuring our own supply chain is aligned with the building programme. We use a fully-integrated ERP and scheduling software to achieve this, linked directly to our warehouse and supply chain.    

Our bespoke scheduling software will produce project specific master key and kick plate schedules which can easily be completed to ensure ease of ordering and a rapid turnaround of these vital elements. 

For larger or more complex projects we always ask for an on-site pre-start meeting, to help ensure all potential risks are identified and discussed. Where there are challenges, these will always be communicated early and openly, to maximise problem solving and reduce risk.

Maggies Center

Technical Support 

Allgood employs highly experienced Technical Representatives, whose role is to assist on-site if there are any serious issues, such as faulty product, or where fitting advice is needed. 

We also have our own product design function, co-located with our factory, and able to provide in-house design expertise when urgent changes are needed. 


Customer Satisfaction 

At the end of every project, we ask you to help us improve. You will receive a short web-based service questionnaire asking about your experience and suggestions. We take your answers to heart.