Allgood Secure Surface Mini Electromagnet Shearlock

CODE: 75581NCH

Allgood Secure 12/24v DC surface mini electromagnet shearlock with armature.


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75581NCH Allgood Secure Surface Mini Electromagnet Shearlock

  • To achieve emergency breakout with side loading of up to 100kg
  • For use in single action door applications
  • Suitable for timber door and frame, metal door and frame or glass door with top rail and frame
  • 500kg holding force
  • Modified armature plate to release with up to 100kg of side loading
  • Current draw @ 12/24v: current surge of 1.6 Amps reducing to 450mA at normal operation
  • Dual 12/24v DC voltage
  • Incorporated in a successful fire test and assessed to BS 476 Pt 22 & BS EN 1634-1 up to 120 minutes on timber doors and metal doors
  • Supplied with separate control module (to be fitted local to shearlock)
  • Dual monitoring (locking and door position)