Allgood Hardware Armoured Loop

CODE: 79053N

Concealed armoured cable loop.


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79053N Allgood Hardware Armoured Loop

• Armoured loop for concealed fixing into the hinge area of a swing door
• To carry max 24v power cable (not suitable for 240v power cable)
• Suitable for cable diameter up to 8mm
• No connections or power cable included
• Incorporated in successful fire tests and assessed to BS EN 1634-1 and BS 476 Pt 22 up to 60 minutes on timber doors
• Suitable for use on timber or metal doors and frames
• Can be installed with the channel in the door or the frame
• Fully concealed when the door is closed
• Not suitable for double swing doors
• Not for use with pivoted doors
• When used on fire rated timber doors, XX79053FP intumescent pack to be specified