Maggie’s Centre


Maggie’s Centre

Founded upon Maggie Keswick Jencks’ view that people should not “lose the joy of living in the fear of dying”, each Maggie’s Centre is designed to alleviate the clinical and dispirited feel of hospital environments, while enabling patients to feel empowered and comfortable.

Architects dRMM, chose to use tulipwood CLT for the positive influence the material has on people and for its beauty, strength, and warmth. With research suggesting wooden structures can help lower blood pressure and pulse rates, the Wood Housing Humanity Report found that the material has more health and wellbeing benefits than any other.Visiting the Allgood showroom in London, dRMM were introduced to the Holt range, designed by Alex Mowat. With an elegant super circular shape, the Holt range is handcrafted from European oak and provides the optimum grip for users. Incorporating Holt L shape lever handles, WC turns, coat hooks, doorstops and toilet roll holders as well as disabled toilet furniture, Maggie’s Centre in Oldham has created a thoughtful environment for its users.

Having provided the ideal solution to complete the concept of the Maggie’s Centre in Oldham, we hope the installation will help create a space of calm and comfort for the centre’s users.


Jasmin Sohi, Associate at dRMM said, “When specifying the ironmongery for the building, the use of timber was integral. Warm to the touch, timber ironmongery
reduces the effects of neuropathy. A common symptom of chemotherapy, neuropathy results in pain when touching cold items – such as stainless steel door handles.”

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