Modric Electronic Soap or Sanitiser Dispenser

CODE: 2450

Manufactured using the finest grade 316 stainless steel and hand finished.


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 2450 Modric Electronic Soap or Sanitiser Dispenser 

  • 500ml capacity
  • Grade 316 stainless steel cover
  • Detection range automatic from 38mm to 60mm
  • Operation mode automatic from sensor trigger
  • Concealed fixing
  • Battery type alkaline (1.5v) AA Size, qty 4
  • Batteries not included
  • Battery life estimated 100,000 cycles or 1 year
  • Operating temperature 5-40° C
  • Dispensing volume:
  • 2450EF Foam type : Dispensing volume 0.7~1.0ml – Viscosity Range 1-5 cps (mPa.s) Foaming Soap only
  • 2450EL Liquid type: Dispensing volume 0.8~1.1ml – Viscosity Range 1~3000 cps (mPa.s)
  • 2450ES Spray type: Dispensing volume 0.8~1.1ml – Viscosity Range Ethanol solution only
  • 2 year manufacturing warranty

Optional Extras:

  • Soap Dispenser Fixed Stand (order code 2450FST)
  • Soap Dispenser Moveable Stand (order code 2450ST)
  • Soap Dispenser Drip Tray (order code 2450TR)


2450ES – Suggested Sanitiser Spray: For Allgood Electronic Soap Dispenser, our units are suitable for all types of sanitiser. The maximum applicable alcohol content is 95%. You simply need to take note on the viscosity/ fluidity of the sanitiser if they are gel. We tested several brands, such as GOJO, PURELL and Dettol, in the market, they all work well with our soap dispenser.

2450EL – Suggested Liquid Soap: For Allgood Electronic Soap Dispenser, the acceptable viscosity range is from 1 to 3000 cP, which includes most of the liquid soaps that can be found from the shelf.

2450EF – Suggested Foam Soap: For Allgood Electronic Soap Dispenser, when using foam pump, foaming soap is required, so that the foam pump does not get clogged by the viscosity of a liquid soap. There are many types of foaming soap on the market that our foam dispenser can work with, even those that contain alcohol. Some examples include Fresh Touch Aloe Vera foaming soap, Pristine Citrus Foam Hand Soap and Muvo antibacterial foam soap, other options are available.

Available in decorative finishes from our Spectra range.