Hong Kong International Airport

Hong Kong

Hong Kong International Airport (HKIA) Passenger Terminal Building 1 (PTB 1)

Hong Kong International Airport (HKIA), which first opened on 6 July 1998, connects around 220 destinations worldwide with over 71.5 million passengers in 2019. Designed by Foster and Partners, the 550,000m2 terminal was one of the most ambitious construction projects of modern times.

Home to over 220 shops and 60 restaurants and with 78,000 staff as well as millions of passengers, the airport required an ironmongery solution that could last several decades and meet the high-performance demands of one of the world’s busiest international aviation hubs.


Working in partnership with Hong Kong-based Key Technologies International Ltd (Key Tech), Allgood door hardware was installed throughout PTB 1 after a detailed international tender to select the most suitable product quality, performance, and technical support of all providers. One of the largest ever ironmongery specifications at the time, valued at over £1 million, this was the beginning of a 23-year working relationship with Airport Authority Hong Kong (AAHK) where Key Tech continues to offer expert advice, onsite technical support and parts supply for AAHK Technical Services & Support Team.

Today, despite the daily demands of a leading international airport, many of the original pieces of ironmongery remain in good working order. This is a testament to the quality of the specification, the products and the open and transparent exchanges of users’ requirements between AAHK, Key Tech and Allgood that has ensured continued safe operations at the airport for over two decades.

Allgood’s Modric range was specified throughout the terminal in solid grade 316 stainless steel in all passenger areas and in back-of-house and staff areas. Modric uses premium quality materials and a precision engineering process designed to create products which last. This commitment to quality minimises waste by significantly extending lifecycles and virtually eliminating the need for repairs.

While there is the normal wear from over two decades of heavy usage, there are still no performance concerns. No dropping of lever handles, and the springing on lock cases all remain in full working order.

An important upgrade was undertaken five years ago as the airport wanted to enhance the holding force on the electromagnetic locks on all boarding gates to improve security. Key Tech spent over four months identifying and trialling a suitable replacement that required the minimum modification to the original framed glass door assembly and deliver improved holding force and additional security monitoring features. The team also conducted a workshop with airport technicians and maintenance sub-contractors to ensure they were familiar with the inspection and maintenance of the new electromagnetic locks.

HKIA was so impressed by the new solution that it has become the standard requirement and applied throughout PTB 1 and other new terminal buildings.

Allgood and Key Tech have maintained a positive working relationship with AAHK since the original contract for the supply and installation of door furniture for PTB 1, in 1998. Supplying a variety of new items over the years, including the introduction of electronic cylinders to help reduce the need for physical keys and introduce programmable access cards to the airport.

Key Tech conducts regular technical workshops, and continually presents innovative products to AAHK stakeholders. These services are viewed as essential in planning preventative and corrective maintenance to keep the airport functioning smoothly.


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