8th July 2019

Reintroducing the wooden ironmongery range, Holt

Designed by architect Alex Mowat and made in Britain, exclusively by Allgood, Holt is a collection of products in European oak and now solid grade 316 stainless steel.

Since its launch in 2015, the Holt range with its simple design and Scandinavian influences has been embraced by architects, designers and their clients across a diverse mix of projects in a broad range of sectors. Due to its popularity, the range has been extended to other materials including solid grade 316 stainless steel.

The development and manufacturing team in Birmingham laboured for more than two years, supported by an expert British furniture maker, to ensure every turn, every fitting and every finish worked together harmoniously to meet the Allgood high quality and design standards.

Allgood is the only UK architectural ironmonger with its own UK manufacturing activity. Operating from our Birmingham site, we routinely produce 100,000 pieces of hardware a year with an uncompromising attention to detail by our team of skilled craftsmen with decades of experience.

Alistair Higgins, Chief Executive of Allgood, commented: “Holt is both innovative and steeped in the best traditions of Allgood. Alex Mowat’s idiosyncratic idea to design a fully coordinated range of oak hardware, taking his inspiration from the calm simplicity of Nordic style, and using the super-circular grip to ensure comfortable use, is a great success and my personal favourite in the Allgood stable. You will not find a more comfortable and comforting lever or pull handle – not to mention the most gorgeous toilet brush holder available!”

Specified by Tate Modern, Maggie’s Centre, Hansgrohe Water Studio, Wildernesse Restaurant and Winton Chapel; Holt’s warm and welcoming aesthetic blends seamlessly with a variety of decors.